Wednesday, September 19, 2012

tips when having a consultation with your stylist

1.BE HONEST. If you have colored your own hair and have had your hair colored or highlighted by another stylist with in the past year, let your stylist know. For instance, If you had your hair highlighted 3 or even 6 months ago and covered it up with a darker shade, unless you had most of your hair cut off since, those highlights are still lurking underneath. Your colorist needs to know this. Adding more highlights with out the proper knowledge could cause breakage. Also, color does not lift color, so it's important for us to know how much color has been deposited on your hair when applying new color.
It's wise to be honest about any allergies or sensitivities you may have and about any medication you may be taking too. Medication effects the hair. Always be forthcoming with your professional stylist when getting any chemical service.
2.BRING IN PHOTOS. Photos are a good way to help you communicate your desired color. What you consider blond may be totally different from what your colorists thinks is blond. There are many tones and levels of blond. The words "blond" or "Red" are just to broad. You and your colorist should examine different shades to determine the best color choice for you and your skin tone. You should also black out the face on the magazine photo. It may be the models face that is attractive to you. If you don't share the same skin tones or facial features you might be disappointed with the outcome. Try to imagine your own face with the style.
3.BE REALISTIC. When you bring in a celebrity photo and you want your stylist to duplicate the hairstyle and color for you, please consider the up keep. Maintaining some of those hair colors can be expensive and time consuming. You need to ask yourself, "can I keep up with this?" This is a good time to listen to the advice of your professional colorist. He or she can educate you on the maintenance it will take to keep the color healthy and fresh and instruct you on how to achieve the finished style at home. And remember, what looks good on the runway, may not look so good on the sidewalk.
Also be realistic about time. Some hair colors can take more than a few hours at the salon to achieve. You may have to come back several times to get the hair color you desire. Keeping your hair healthy and in good condition is vital to your colorist. This comes first.
4.CHANGE MAKE-UP. Getting a new hair color sometimes requires re-examining your make-up colors and eyebrow color. You want a cohesive look. If your hair color has been medium brown your whole life and you add lots of blond highlights to it, chances are your makeup will need adjusting. Women who have grown out their color and are now all grey or white, should also consider making changes to their cosmetic bag. Your colorist can guide you in making some
good choices during the consultation.
5. BE EARLY. Never be late for a hair color appointment. This rushes your colorist and cuts down on consultation time. If you are making a big change, you need to book a consult just before your appointment or during a slow time and an earlier day. Give yourself and your colorist at least 15 to 20 minutes of quality time to chat about your new look.
6.LIFESTYLE. One more item to discuss with your colorist is your lifestyle. Are you a conservative person who leads a pretty conservative life or an Artist with a Bohemian lifestyle? Are you an athletic soul who spends most of her time outdoors, in the sun or in chlorine pools? Are you an introvert or extrovert? These are all things to consider when making a dramatic change to your look. Who are you, really? Think about this. chyna aris

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