Tuesday, March 19, 2013

fruit,smoothie,hair treatment raps up my day :)

hey everyone it's just been a long day for me here in Boston ma. we had another snow storm and sitting in the house drives me bananas lol oh speaking of bananas I been making smoothie creations witch was pretty fun and just now I made a tasty drink using a fruit called sour sop  have you heard? the fruit I hear is soo powerful they say it's stronger than cancer treatments , well I will tell u this it taste really really good so I took in all the benefits it will provide lol  .  I am now about to soon hit the sack but before I do I will be applying usda organic coconut oil all through my hair and scalp as an over night pre poo hair treatment , u guys should try this (works wonders on damage hair) and what u would do is apply it, then put on a plastic cap on your head and then a satin bonnet on top so that the plastic cap does not fall off while u sleep wild  lol and by morning your hair will be nice and moisturize and ready to wash.   I  will post pic of the sour sop fruit check for it and add it to your healthy choices  :)))

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