Monday, March 25, 2013

I believe in me, I believe in u

hello everyone:))))
 today I am feeling great and very very motivated I just can't explain this feeling I am having as I am having thoughts about my careers. I have this vision of how I want to be and I am determine to get there because I want it sooo bad, I know alot of people say it's about the location your at in some careers but I will prove it does not matter where you are I still will make it happen. People give up on there hopes and dreams because people start to believe its impossible for them because they don't have the right connection but I tell you this keep pushing because you never know who is watching or what opportunities will come your way, If you give up then you simply let it go WHY? I sure don't want to wonder what if for the rest of my life, when you find your true passion you just can't stop growing becoming better and better than yesterday. If there is anything you want to do or become never give up and believe anything is possible. Nothing will be easy but believe your worth it. There are times I feel like I am in a world of my own because this energy and passion I carry in my heart for what I do I don't see in many others that are in the same industry and I wonder how did they loose that feeling for what  they once loved. Now a days people want to cut each others hands instead of team work, I am always willing  to network with others but it always ends up a one way street and I am just so tired of people taking advantage and not putting in work but I must keep going and I pray to  God he will bless not just me but us all that are trying to become better.  there are many stylist but very few professional :) I am a hair care specialist /zumba fitness instructor  who wants to make a difference in your life.    # lets become better together    xoxoox chyna

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