Tuesday, April 9, 2013

all natural body scrubs :)

heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy everyone what a beautiful day but i am working on something for you :) yup it's time to start packaging up my all natural foot actually all over body scurbs but it works so awsome on feet sometimes your feet may not be ready for a full pedicure seeing u just got your cuticles done last week but because we constantly on flats and heels we sometime need a quick buff and what better than a honey scrub that is all natural so therefor it reaLLY HYDRATES YOUR SKIN WITH THE MANY BENEFICIAL OILS IT HAS IN IT :))))))))))))))))))))) GET READY ITS SOON READY :)))))))))))) ALL NATURALLLLLL LAST YEAR THESE SCRUBS WHERE A HIT FOR THE MEN AS WELL LADIES PAMPER YOUR MAN LIKE YOU WANT TO BE PAPERED. # PARTNER FEET EXCHANGE LOL

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