Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My results with the curl formers

Hey so for several months I been wanting to try out the curl formers and I finally did .I spent about $140.00 on the rollers and  I got 2 packs because each pack only comes with 40 rollers . Not Sure if you guys ever heard of the curl formers but with these rollers u dont need any heat at all ,all you do is just wash your hair and pull it through theses rollers and let air dry or feel free to attempt leaving in  over Night lol I Sure did apply 85 rollers to my hair and tried to sleep with them but My neck could not take no more so yes  at 1 am I woke up and pulled them out and this is what I got :)))) I lov these and for those that dont know Ihave natural hair meaning no chemical relaxer and they still came out smooth .I even did  to my daughter and we lov lov. Let me know when u try it.

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