Saturday, July 6, 2013

Bed head rocked as an all day hair style:)

Hey all, let me just say that my hair was sooo dry yesterday so I was like oh no , I mean I literally felt like chopping it off again lol but ladies the Sun and heat can really do ur hair some damage so u have to keep up on  treatments. If u feel your hair feel dry and brittle before u decide to chop it off  well at a salon I hope lol try getting a nice oil treatment or moisturizing cream treatment . I did not even wash my hair cuz I did not feel my hair was dirt just dry  so I wet it down and then applied my natural oil treatment and massage it in .boy did it feel and smell soo good . I then sat in the dryer for 15 mins and then I actually  did not rinse it out I just squeeze the excess water from my hair and twist my hair up in a  few bunz cuz I knew that the oil was going to lock in the moisture and that it was ok to have a heavier amont of oil in my hair because i planned on wetting it down  the next day and the oil would help it from being dry and frizzy,but anyhow I woke up with this bed head look and loved it so I decided to rock my bed head all day and guess what I used no serums , no gel nothing it was just fluffy, shiny and soft and I felt ok with it today lol not sure about tomorrow cuz I may not be in a fluffy mood. If u feeling Brittle headed be sure to ask about my oil treatment ur next visit . Take care of your ends by apply a dab of organic coconut oil to it every night before tying it up for bed .:)

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