Saturday, July 13, 2013

check out this :))FASHION FLASH

hey all so today , I had the most amazing conversation with a new client of mine name cassandra lebrun and before I begin let me just shout out a thank you to sheneca lucas for referring her to me . lots of you are so wonderful and supportive of me and I truly appreciate that , it's the small things in life that brings me so much joy. anyhow  this young lady is so talented she into fashion like you would not believe, talking about you need help with putting clothing pieces together she is the one:) she also can show you how 1 outfit can be so versatile like wow, who does not want to know about that , I know I sure do hate feeling like I am wearing something the same way over and over again.Changing things up can make you feel so good. ever look through a magazine and felt like you wish you could pull a look off but did not know how to go about it for a daily look without feeling like you should not be wearing it unless it was for a photo shoot or fashion show ? well let cassandra lebrun highlight your fashion life and no need to think you have to go buy all these high end clothes because she just may be in your closet shopping around , that's right helping you with the clothes you all ready have believe me we have things we don't even know how it can be worn. check out her blog  she has big things in store for you and thank me later hehe :) this is her blog link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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