Saturday, August 3, 2013

My zsis flow

Pow pow pow yup thats all I can start to say about my morning actually my whole day is going great. I surprise my friend this morning by going to her sat morning 10 am  zumba class at latín beat fitness Studio in malden ma. And she was amazing . I hear people say all the time I am Going to be lost in class because I dont know the moves and honestly I as well said that to myself before and today was My first time in flows class and I knew not one song she Did but I sure felt like I did because she gave  great  cueing and easy to follow steps that anyone can do when you are able to follow you get the best out of your workouts of course u may Miss a Step or 2 we all do but I promise ,you Will get it right and quickly. I so Lov my zfam they are all amazing at LATIN BEAT so come on down and follow the instructors as we dance to the beat. Xoxo

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  1. Omg Thank you so much Chyna ! Thanks for the surprise !Pow Pow