Monday, August 19, 2013

want to know what hair style looks best with your face shape :)

Oval Face
You are lucky because every hairstyles suit you. Experiment and change your look. Curly, smooth, very short or super long, everything goes.

Face in the form of hazelnut
You have a marked chin and the lower part of your face is slender then the front. In this case it is ideal for you to choose a haircut with much volume to the chin, to widen the base of the face. You can try without fear layered hairstyles to achieve a multiple layers to give freedom and movement to your haircut. If your face is long, you must give volume to the hair. In addition, you can round up more your face with a bang.

Triangular Face
The best thing for you is to wear a very heavy bang. Ensure that the strength of your haircut focus on the top of your face and cheeks are much more highlighted. Dare with a very short hair and nothing structured. You'll get a freshness and a very modern touch. If the short hair is not your choice, don’t worry, take a long hairstyle but always with great volume.

Rectangular Face
You need a lot of volume and movement at the top of your head. This powers your cheekbones and shortens the length of your face. Try not to wear very long hair. You have to choose a hairstyle that stylize your face. Try loose hairstyles with movement.

Round Face
If you want to refine your factions lead your hair below the shoulders and very smooth, slight layered. The volume must be concentrated in the middle of the face and the sides should be flat. Although the bang is fashionable, you have to forget it!

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