Thursday, September 26, 2013

great deals or free chances

hey for the whole month of October I am offering you a great deal on customize color service for ONLY $99 you and I get to discuss a unique customized color just for you . We can do not only 1, 2, but up to 3 different shades of color at once and here is what puts the icing on you new fabulous look ,YOU GET A FREE CUT TOO :) yes so now you are feeling great with your new customize color, healthy hair and ends . set up your consultation today so we can discuss our plans and go from there .  :)  also if you would like to get this special offer for a friend, sis, etc.. as a surprise make-over we could make this a very special moment for someone that may  have been going through so much and if you  just want to see them smile again  beauty is one way to lift their spirit . You may also submit  names  for someone to get  a chance to win a free make-over but you must write me telling me why you feel  the person deserves the make-ova . keep in mind I have many entries for this and entering is not a promise that they will win and receive the free  make-over . have a bless day and as always please sign up to follow my blog :) please send all free mak-ova entries to  for entering a person for a chance to win a free make-over ONLY , if you have any other ? or comments please leave on the blog thank you

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