Monday, October 28, 2013

Another great smoothie to try

Hey everyone so lately i been wanting to make a diffrent smoothie and sweet potatoe been on my mind so Yup u guess it a sweet potatoe smoothie but of course i added more it was sweet potatoe, papaya, bannana ,i even added a lil cinnamon to spice the taste . Oh and I boiled the sweet potatoe before and and let it cool ;) let me know if u enjoyed this was so yummy and good for u .         Xoxochyna.  Ohhh Wait this is optional so where u see my shake looks a lil chocolate its cuz i added a lil extra protein to my glass so yummy still 

1 wholes small papaya
2 sweet potatoes
4 bananas
cinnamin/nutme to taste
1% milk

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