Monday, November 18, 2013

protecting your edges during winter, do u experience a lot of breakage

hey ladies are you experiencing breakage ? are those edges feeling brittle and just snapping off daily ? I want you to think about how you are treating them really sit back and ask yourself have I been properly taking care of my edges. I love me some cute wool winter hats and scarfs but did you know they can damage your edges as well. yes the hats and even scarfs rub against your edges sucking up all the moisturizer you applied to them and break's your hair. I truly suggest you getting some silk or even satin material and sewing it to the inside of your hat or even simply wearing a bonnet underneath your hat because who is going to see it anyways lol, even for your scarfs apply a silk scarf on your neck first , then apply your fancy scarf on top of the silk on, this way the silk scarf is the main scarf touching the edges on the nape of your neck . Ladies I can not stress to you enough that you must constantly apply your moisturizing cream to your edges daily , I myself apply my own natural cream that has very powerful ingredients like rose marry that helps with hair loss.
 Avoid styles that put tension in that area because even if you are applying the cream or wearing silk under hats etc.. your hair will still continuing to break if you continue to wear tight pulling styles. I think sometimes you just have to let your edges be don't braid it , weave it, constantly brush it etc. just apply your treatment and let it be, edges take a lot of abuse so be patient, it may take up to a year to fully grow in. Cover your hair PLEASE with a satin scarf every night after you apply your moisturizer put your satin bonnet over your entire head, Some people would add the use of a silk/satin pillowcase witch I use as well sometimes and it also works well, cotton pillow cases suck the oils out of your hair leaving it dry and brittle. hope this helped you in some way :)

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