Saturday, December 7, 2013

Over Night scalp treatment

Heeey everyone , well today has been a very Long day well my scalp has been feeling kind of tight and dry so tonight i will be applying an over Night scalp treatment. I hope you understand there is a difference and you do need to apply hair treatments as well as scalp treatment from time to time. By applying a scalp treatment you are conditioning your scalp so that it is left in a healthy, moisturize state and as u know a healthy scalp will promote hair growth. In the pic you will see my NATURAL cream witch has coconut oil, rose mary and lots of other great benefical oils added to it. I will be applying that since it has all i need but you can use just coconut oil if thats all u have. Coconut is an amazing oil i use it in so many different ways it simply works wonders .  Ok so I am off to apply my plastic cap and bonnet til Morning. Lets get our scalp right ladies having moisturize hair with a dry scalp is no bueno (no good) and slows down your hair growth. Xo

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