Sunday, January 12, 2014

from NATURAL to RElaxed

yes hello my friends its been a while since I tuned on in but hope everyone is having a great start this year . well the hype is relaxer to natural hair , I am sure you have heard many talking about there going natural but there are some who are Natural that want to be relaxed again. I am getting many people coming to me asking me what do I feel is best and I am so glad I got to take that ride on both sides of the hair world. I personally think your hair can be healthy relax or natural it all depends on your preference . Relax hair and natural hair needs to be properly treated to maintain it's health and if you are not treating your hair with the proper steps and as well seeing a professional stylist YOUR HAIR WILL EVENTUALLY BREAK, so if you think you are doing a great home job now, it's not enough to keep it on the right path.   I hear the gossip about relaxers break hair , naturals thinking they can do there hair themselves just because they took 1 chemical process away, let me say this, are you using a store bought relaxer, are you not treating your hair and when i say treating i mean PROFESSIONAL HAIR CARE, DO NOT , I REPEAT DO NOT LET THE STORE ADVERTISEMENT FOOL YOU, just because a store product says repairs damage hair that does not mean it does just that, just because the store color box has a beautiful girl with a beautiful hair color does not mean u will have that color, the store does not know about your hair and what chemicals u had prior, u don't even know what volumes they are mixing into the color all you see is step one and step 2, and if you do buy volumes do you understand really what they mean or how to apply because I am seeing alot of boxed colors in peoples hair and there ends are starting to get weak and dry looking but the roots look healthier do you understand why?  so don't be fooled, seeking a professional can insure you that you are getting the proper care because this is what we been TRAINED and LICENSED to do our consultation gives us the time to chat about your past services etc. invest in your health # healthy body and hair, we wear it daily

here is a picture of my client marie that was natural for about 3 years and decided she wanted to go back to relaxer here is a before relaxer pic, a after pic when I took out rollers and after blow dry . relaxed and treated properly.


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