Wednesday, January 29, 2014

rising stars day care

 holly molly its super cold today , I don't know about you but I can't wait til summer. well this morning started off great I dropped my kids to school , took care of a few things on my list and also decide to go pay my friend nicole lane a visit, nicole lane runs her own in-home family day care called rising stars she is located in lynn ma. I am super excited to tell you about this day care because form the moment I walk through the door I was welcomed by her loving mother , the day care was so warm and cozy and best of all kids were happy they were having a great old time as they were playing monkey bounce and playing with colored rice as they got to learn about texture and colors etc.just the look on their face told it all . there were in a happy daycare and as a mom coming in and seeing nicole singing and interacting with the kids as they played made me feel really good about having to leave my child with her if I needed too. Nicole's  Mom was preparing some goodies for them in the kitchen and I just could not help myself but to join in with nicole and the kids they even took a pic with me yeaaaaa .

I even notice a very sweet lil boy that was very new to the day care only 2 days of being their and interacted just fine no tears . no worries and we all know how difficult that can be seeing our kids afraid and not wanting to stay but nope not at all at rising stars. I am not tying to say you won't have a child that won't cry on their first few days but just the way she introduces the kids to the new environment makes the transition alot more easier.  congrats to nicole for providing a awsome, loving, friendly, learning, safe, clean day care :)

I recommend rising satrs day care

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