Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finding healing, praise God she is alive

omg today was an amazing day words just can not explain how I felt when I heard the story and had the chance to meet lissa alphonse the woman from Boston who got kidnapped when she traveled to mount Sinai-egypt. this month of july 2013 marks the 1st anniversary of this horrible event. One year ago, Haitian American Christians travelling on pilgrimage to Israel where intercepted on a tourist bus at gun point by rebels in Mount Sinai-Egypt. Lissa Alphonse, a young woman, was assaulted, beaten, and kidnapped, as she cried and plead for help, among the Haitian  Clergies that organize the trip, Rev. Michel Louis heroically offered himself to the rebels to go with lissa. subsequently, a Muslim, Arab tour guide offered himself to go as well as an interpreter. The U.S. State Department successfully negotiated the release of lissa alphonse and rev.louis as their families, Haitian community leaders, jubilee church's founder and pastor, bishop Gilbert A. thompson, Mayor Thomas Menino, Gov. Patrick, Senators John kerry and Scott Brown put forth pressure and rigorous advocacy. When the Haitian community faced this crisis, it was the African-American mega church jubilee that was in the forefront as a key leader. praise God she is safe and alive for both of them, she is alive to tell the true story of what took place exactly, tears filled my eyes as she began to tell how she was taking a short nap on the ride as she was awaken by rebels who had snatch her by her hair and beat her in the face as hey told her she is coming with them. This could happen to any of us she had no idea things was going to turn out the way they did on her trip but I tell you this people have stuck together by keeping her in prayers and those that did not even know her personally like myself where there for support and I am so glad we met. we took a picture today that means a lot and I know she is home safe but she is still dealing with so much pain so please continue to pray for her healing. so honored  to be standing next to 2 people who thought they would not be standing here to tell their story today.   thank you xo God is amazing

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