Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jill'z new look color/cut

Omg so I met this great new client today very down to earth  wich makes it so much easier to chat with specially on a first time visit. It kind of  felt like we already met before lol  I just Lov that ! We'll jill came in with like shoulder length hair as u will see in a min down below and she was do for a color as well.. below we actually ended up doing 2 different style cuts so that we can decide if she actually wanted to go shorter witch she did :) see I believe lil is best at first that way u have an option but if u going drastic and u just Dived right to short and then wish u left a lil more length  it would just be no choice left .ok so here is the pic but let me just say I.have the best clients Eva they always support  me and I truly appreciate them sending other great people xo  oh please sign up  on the blog please and freely share :))

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