Thursday, August 29, 2013

a lil ity bit about me lol

I have been a LICENSED HAIRDRESSER for 12 years now and til this very day I lov it like the first day, funny thing is I went to college for criminal justice $$$ lol but hey we all try things ,I had no thought of cosmetology school because it was just a natural thing i did all through high school and college and never even notice my gift until this wonderful girl came up to me and said please don't get offended but i think u are in the wrong field all everyone talks about is you doing their hair lol how dare she lol na but God bless that girl for opening my eyes, you see sometime we don't even realize our talents until someone points them out to you and now a days you better appreciate when people do because it doesn't happen often and it should .I have no problem complimenting etc. another person . I have invested THOUSANDSS of DOLLARS in my careers oh and that sally may loan  smh lol. I am so happy to have a zumba instructors licenses under my belt as well . I just feel so complete now well yal know me I will be licenses for more things cuz I just cant stop but what I really want to say is even after all this time I never think I know it all , I will continue to keep my ears and eyes open to learning new things because you can never ever stop learning and I want to provide you the very best that I can. I spend $$$$$$$$$$$ on PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS because thats what U should get when u come to a salon SO WHEN U SEE SUAVE,RAIN, MAIN N TAIL UMMM WHAT ELSE LOL ETC. AT THE BACK BAR YOU NEED TO THINK TWICE LOL #qualityservice XOXO LOVE ALL MY CLIENTS THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT . now before i rest my head I will be thinking of more things for my Bridal bizz , just lov being apart of weddings pricless moments . #hair #fitness

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