Monday, September 2, 2013

pancake idea :0) breakfast time by chyna

ok so this is how my morning went, I woke up and continue taking out my hair that was braided I was so so tired but i knew I had to make breakfast for my family because every weekend they attack me to make pancakes and there was just no way I could get out of it lol so as I was taking down my hair I was thinking to myself wondering how could I make my life easier right now , how could I make several pancakes without standing over a hot stove flippin away lol well then the light bulb in my head came on and I got this bright idea to bake them yup bake them like cupcakes lol so I called them pancake cupcakes :) oh my let me just tell you my kids so enjoyed it and I am sure you would to and get creative because you could fry bacon and add to it or maybe blue berries but we put raisins in ours and once they where done we drizzled agave nectar organic syrup on top or honey so yummy. well here are a few pics of what we did and used give it a try and let me know how u enjoyed and how creative you got . I just think its so perfect to make if you have a huge family to cook for , I so wish I thought of this when I had cooked breakfast for a family of 9 people one morning . I know I had many other things I cooked but being able to cook 12-24 pancakes at once is awsome stuff. I put both boxes of mix out because you can use either or
this is where we added the raisins 

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