Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Healthy hair challenge

Hey ladies i can't  stress enough to you how important hair treatments are, no matter if your natural,relax,curly,straight ,oily, dry etc. All hair needs treatments .this healthy hair challenge does not end lol really I want you Guys to start taking care of your Strands from here on. Book to set up a consultation so we can discuss what treatment your hair needs and  From now til the end of the month you will receive a free trim with a purchase of a  reconstructor treatment ,just mention this post.   Forget about the length focus on the health and all great things will follow . How bad do you want healthy growing hair ? I can guide you through but you must take every step with me and trust me your hair will be the healthiest its ever been . I know your probably wondering why Did she post the healthy drinks well everything starts from the inside out my friends so we must eat well also to gain healthy hair xo
my son no chemicals never just blow drying it out before the braids . the girls the grls lov him lol raising a respectful lil  man

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